Diabetes is a very common disease that can occur at any point in life. The prevalence of Diabetes in the U.S has become a major problems. It causes an inability to process sugar in the body that can lead to a sudden rise in the blood sugar levels of the body. Diabetes can cause permanent damage to our body and it becomes difficult to control it. Doctors recommend treatment options that can be used to treat the symptoms of diabetes. Cannabidiol, CBD is one such remedy that is being researched for treating this harmful disease. Let us know more about CBD for Diabetes and how organic CBD oil can help in the treatment of this disease.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus causes a significant rise in the sugar levels in the blood. When the Glucose levels within the body increase, they trigger the pancreas to supply insulin. This secretion regulates blood sugar levels by stimulating muscle and fat cells to get rid of excess glucose from the blood. Insufficient insulin generation ends up with high glucose levels.

Diabetes is of two types mainly: Type 1 Diabetes: In this condition the body no longer produces insulin. It is usually caused due to Chemical deficiencies in the brain or bacterial infections and is most often diagnosed at a young age.

In Type 2 Diabetes: the body produces insulin, but it doesn’t produce enough of it. In this case, the pancreas tends to produce more insulin until it fails to produce enough of it. It is caused due to poor lifestyle, increasing age, poor diet, and obesity.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Some significant diabetes symptoms include:

Hunger and Fatigue

Peeing more often

Dry mouth

Being thirsty.

Sudden weight loss,

Blurred vision

Itchy Skin.

CBD For Diabetes: Treatment

Type 1 Diabetes brings permanent damage to the body and cannot be prevented. It can only be reduced by injecting insulin into the body as needed.

On the other hand Type, two diabetes is due to bad lifestyle choices or genetics and can be controlled by controlling blood pressure, weight, cholesterol levels and doing physical exercises. Also, medications are given to treat Type 2 diabetes but these usually bring side effects with them.

CBD is a very effective cannabinoid in this regard. It is one of the 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plant and is being researched extensively to treat a variety of health issues. This cannabinoid is natural and will never make you high upon its consumption.

In a lab test done on rats who were suffering from Type-1 diabetes, CBD administration resulted in a delay in inflammation which leads with diabetes.

Research also showed that organic CBD oil can be very helpful for patients suffering from Type 1 diabetes and can help in:

Blood sugar levels stabilization

Reduces inflammation in kidneys

Helps to reduce blood pressure

It also helps in regulating the circulation and functioning of the heart.

Obesity is another cause that can lead to diabetes of Type 2. CBD also contributes to the process of fat browning thus resulting in improving the metabolism rate in the body.


Thus, we can say that CBD For Diabetes can be a very effective option in the treatment of Diabetes and controlling its symptoms. CBD is completely organic and does not lead to any side effects as well.

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