If you are struggling to kick that smoking habit then CBD can help you in quitting cigarettes. According to a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) tobacco has more than 7000 chemical compounds out of which 250 chemical compounds are harmful to health and 69 chemical compounds are responsible for cancer. Tobacco is responsible for killing around six million people every year. These death figures scare a lot but the most scary thing is that all these numbers are increasing every year. In this article, I will tell you all about CBD and how CBD can help in fighting with nicotine addiction. You will also read about symptoms and risk factors related to cigarette smoking.

Symptoms & risk factors related to smoking

CBD For Nicotine addiction
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Some people smoke occasionally and some socially but the symptoms related to smoking addiction is different,

  1. You cannot stop smoking or chewing gum.
  2. Shaky hands, and increased heart rate.
  3. You often smoke after every meal or after a long period of time such as work meetings and movie.
  4. feel like smoking when you are stressed.
  5. You avoid social gathering and public events where smoking is not allowed.
  6. Continuous cough and flu-like symptoms.
  7. Frequent mood changes

Risk factors related to cigarette smoking

  1. Chance of having heart disease and low & high blood pressure.
  2. Smoking increases the chance of lung cancer and strokes
  3. Smoking also damages the blood vessel which can cause clotting.
  4. You can suffer from insomnia

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol which is found in a different strain of the hemp plant. It is a naturally occurring substance which has no strain of THC which means CBD can’t get you high. CBD can be extracted through different methods like olive extraction, dry ice extraction, ethanol extraction, and CO2 extraction method. Out of these methods, the CO2 extraction method is used to get the pure and rich form of CBD. CBD is available in different forms like wax, powder, e-juice, tincture and isolate. With the development in the medical industry, CBD is used for treating several medical conditions like cancer, anxiety, bipolar, depression, ADD, ADHD, insomnia, neuropathic pain, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

CBD & nicotine addiction

As given above information you know around six million people die because of smoking cigarettes and the use of CBD death toll is zero. CBD has shown strong evidence of treating different addictions. CBD is non psychoactive in nature it binds with endocannabinoid system of the body which is responsible for regulating mood, hunger, cravings, and stress. CBD reduces the craving of nicotine and it also reduces the withdrawal symptoms.

How you can consume CBD?

CBD is available in different forms but here I will tell you effective ways to consume CBD in nicotine addiction.

CBD oil

CBD oil can be extracted through different process like olive oil extraction, dry ice extraction, and CO2 extraction method. CBD oil has zero strain of THC which makes it medically beneficial. You can use CBD oil in your food or drink to reduce the craving of nicotine, you can also use it for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. You can consume CBD orally just by dropping it under your tongue.

CBD inhalers

Inhalers are the quickest way to gain benefits. CBD e-juice can be used in different inhalers. Use of inhalers has resulted in a 40% decrease in cigarette smoking.

CBD tincture

This form of CBD has a mild alcohol base in it. You can consume CBD tincture directly just by dropping it under your tongue. Tincture also helps in fighting with midnight cravings.

Guide to buy CBD

From where should I buy CBD? This is the very first question which comes in every new CBD user. Thought Cloud (thoughtcloud.net) offers a wide range of CBD products. CBD is manufactured organically with the use of non-GMO materials. CBD from Thought Cloud has no strain of THC which makes it useful for low weight people. All the CBD products are lab tested for purity so if looking for CBD visit Thought Cloud.

Conclusion On CBD For Nicotine addiction

Death from smoking cigarettes are increasing every year, so it’s better to quit smoking. If you are not able to quit cigarettes then try CBD as an alternative substance to reduce smoking addiction. Use has CBD has shown positive evidence in fighting with nicotine addiction, apart from fighting with addictions CBD will give you a number of health benefits.

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