CBD has made its forays into the medical domain as a natural alternative therapy to prescription drugs and can be used even as an adjunct therapy as it carries minimal side effects and contains no toxicity. Its utility has been revealed in treating a host of conditions from cardiovascular disorders, orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues, psychotic, degenerative diseases, neurological, gastrointestinal and bone fracture issues like a scaphoid fracture to name a few. Its organic properties from anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, bone stimulant, neurogenesis, analgesic, antiproliferative and antibacterial has made this plant molecule a medical powerhouse that can proactively promote bone health and treat broken bones besides others.

What Constitutes Scaphoid Fracture

CBD In Scaphoid Fracture
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The scaphoid bone comprises one of the eight tiny bones that form the carpal bones of the wrist. It links two columns of such bones – the proximal column nearer towards the forearm and the distal column situated nearby your hand. This linking places the scaphoid bone at additional risk for damage or injury.

This bone is significant for the movement and stability of the wrist joint. You can identify this bone when the thumb is positioned in a “hitch-hiking” posture. It is situated at the bottom of the cavity formed by the tendons of the thumb. Generally called the “anatomic snuffbox” it is the region where soreness and pain occurs during fracture. A scaphoid fracture is defined by its site of injury inside the bone. More frequently, the scaphoid bone splits in the middle, referred to as the “waist”. Moreover, the fracture can arise at the proximal and peripheral endings of the bone.

Scaphoid fractures are graded on the basis of the acuteness of displacement or the range at which the bone pieces have shifted from their normal location. Fragmentation of the bone near the thumb (distal pole) generally recuperates faster within some weeks following proper safeguard and limited activity. This portion of the scaphoid bone maintains sufficient blood supply vital for healing.

Causes Associated With Scaphoid Fracture

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A scaphoid fracture happens as you land upon an outstretched hand with the body weight touching down your palm. The larger bone of the forearm can also crack in such kind of fall based upon the hand position while landing.
Such injury can likely occur during sporting actions or from collisions of a motor vehicle. There does not exist any particular risk elements or ailments that lead to scaphoid fracture. However, research has revealed that the usage of wrist guards while performing high energy tasks such as snowboarding and can lower the possibility of fracturing a bone near the wrist.

Symptoms Of Scaphoid fractures

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Scaphoid fractures result in pain and inflammation within the anatomic snuffbox which is the triangular depression situated on the dorsum sideways of the hand. You can view it when you extend the thumb. With regard to scaphoid fractures, in some cases, severe pain is not experienced and is often confused for a sprain of the wrist. However, some of the symptoms associated with scaphoid fracture include:

  • Pain and inflammation on the thumb portion of the wrist
  • A deformed wrist
  • Severe pain felt while moving the thumb or wrist or while pinching or holding something
    If your wrist pain does not subside in a day or two of sustaining the injury it can be a symptom of a fracture.

CBD A Promising Cannabinoid That Heals Scaphoid Fractures

CBD offers a wide spectrum of benefits due to its indirect effect on the endocannabinoid system that is a vast network of circuits, receptors and ion channels that help in maintaining the physiological processes of the body like appetite, temperature regulation, sleep cycle, hormonal levels and pain sensitivity besides more. It acts like a catalyst that allows the CBD to offer health benefits and interacts with this phytocannabinoid. However, CBD has been recognized for its bone healing and strengthening properties that can help in scaphoid fractures.

CBD Bolsters Collagen Tissues

CBD contains collagen that is a protein that works like a glue that can hold the bones together and assists in tissue repair. This cannabinoid boosts collagen tissues that are vital for skeletal healing.

Promotes Fracture Healing

Findings have revealed that CBD improves the healing of fractures by activating an important enzyme known as Lysyl Hydroxylase that directly impacts bone healing and is prevalent in bone-developing cells called osteoblasts. By such activation, osteoblast cells help in stimulating the healing mechanism and generating collagen cells to create strong, healthy bones for mending fractures.

Steps Up Callus Growth

Researchers found that administration of CBD helps in the growth of calluses that is very vital for bone healing as it creates a “bridge” upon the fracture which results in healing.

A Proven Analgesic And Antiinflammatory Agent

The creation of pain pathways inside the body results in pain perception and the phytocannabinoid functions like circuit breakers within the nerve synapses similar to the endogenous cannabinoids. This action makes plant-derived compounds like CBD act like an analgesic and alleviate pain.
CBD can also lower the pain and swelling on the thumb region of the wrist as experienced in a scaphoid fracture through its anti-inflammatory impact and modulation of cytokine production that triggers the pain receptors.

Conclusion On CBD In Scaphoid Fracture

CBD has shown encouraging results in restoring bone health and offering retroactive therapy in bone fractures. From skeletal regeneration and restoration of tissue damage, CBD has offered a plethora of benefits be it reversing the loss of bones as in osteoporosis, bone tissue regeneration or accelerating the fracture healing process this phytocannabinoid has proved its potential as an organic therapy that has zero toxicity and nil adverse effects.

Still, existing research on cannabis’ potential role in bone health shows promise for certain cannabis compounds—specifically CBD—to assist in the health of bones, and even provide retroactive treatment for fractures. While it’s too early to say for certain, these early studies suggest that cannabis may possess yet another exciting application for human health and wellness.

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