Who won’t like to heal faster? Whether it is naturopathy or any other alternative therapy it is so easy to explore all types of information in a matter of seconds. There are essays written already over the healing advantages of hemp-derived CBD products, CBD oil to be particular.

Those chunks of information which are based on studies done throughout the world by eminent researchers may be enough to convince you about the miraculous healing effects of CBD.
But do you know? How you consume your CBD also matters! With the mysterious world of cannabinoids being widely explored, you might be interested in knowing ways of consuming CBD for faster healing.

CBD Crystals

When in solid you can take CBD in different forms such as powder, crystals, wax and crumble. Made with CBD isolate, they are obtained from industrial hemp plant with low levels of THC supposed to cause high.

You won’t find terpenes in CBD crystals so it will not have a recognizable scent. It is very potent so it is not advised for recreational use and you will find them to be made for medicinal purposes.

How to consume CBD crystals

Since CBD crystals are in pure form, you can easily make a proper dosage out of it with an accurate digital weighing scale.

You can easily consume the CBD isolate in your home. One such method is dabbing.


If your doctor has recommended a high dose according to the severity of your medical condition and your body weight, then dabbing can be best for you.
Dabbing is a technical process in which CBD crystals are heated to give you a calming sensation. Try dab CBD crystals by a wax vaporizer or with a specialized dabbing ring.


CBD oil is extracted from the industrial hemp plant which has a high content of cannabinoid in it. The safest one will not use neurotoxic materials like butane in it. The best CBD oil is extracted from the CO2 extraction process which uses low temperatures and high pressures.
The coconut oil is used as a carrier oil in the preparation of CBD oil.

How to Consume CBD Oil

Perhaps the simplest way is to take CBD oil orally. The active compounds of CBD enter your bloodstream after passing through your digestive system so it will show the effects after some time of administration. But it is the same as vitamins and other supplements work in your body so it is a natural way that won’t affect your lungs.

  • You can take CBD capsules, edibles and beverages after meals. CBD infused coffee can also be a great choice.
  • These tinctures are either alcohol based or vegetable glycerin-based cannabis extracts so you find the end product to be less concentrated than CBD oil.
  • You massage them or apply them directly on your skin for pain relief.
  • In sublingual sprays, you spray the concentrated cannabis tinctures under your tongue.

CBD Vaporizing

If you want to feel the effects of CBD quickly, like in case of pain or inflammation, you can vaporize high CBD cannabis.
You need a vaporizer for it. It heats up the CBD oil to release its active compounds only. Here you need to understand the difference between smoking. Since smoking CBD involves combustion, harmful products may also enter your lungs not suitable for you.
But in vaping only active compounds enter your respiratory system avoiding your digestive system.
So the active compounds reach your bloodstream much faster than any other means. This option is best for adults and won’t be suitable for children.
Vaporizing CBD is typically a consumption option recommended for adults. You can find e-liquid in the market which has high content CBD oil infused with vegetable glycerine.
You can choose from a variety of vaporizers ranging from battery-powered portable pens to tabletop and plug-in powered units.
So there are various ways to administer CBD orally, topically or through vaping method to get relief in your medical condition. But which one is the best vaping CBD crystals or CBD oil. This can be answered by knowing the bioavailability.

Understanding CBD’s Bioavailability – Not All CBD is Effective

The manner by which you have consumed CBD also decides its effectiveness on your condition depending upon your body chemistry, body weight and severity of the problem. Only a small portion of the whole CBD you take is going to enter your body’s circulation system and will offer the desired effects accordingly. This portion or percentage of active ingredients affecting your body is the bioavailability.

Why vaping CBD shows faster effects

Being hydrophobic, CBD is not easily soluble in water. So, it won’t like to stay in your blood for a long time. So what happens to it? CBD rapidly diffuses out of your bloodstream and gets deposited in the fatty tissues of your body which makes less amount of CBD to enter in your system. In a nutshell, when you take it orally less CBD reaches the active sites and so the bioavailability is less in that case.
There is one more reason why active compounds of CBD takes time to show the healing effect. During digestion, CBD has to go through your liver. Your liver actively reduces the amount of CBD(an organic compound) via the process of absorption or chemical breakdown which is done by your liver enzymes. It is known as the “first-pass effect” that reduces the concentration of useful ingredients or bioactive compounds.


You need to consult your doctor to decide the concentration of CBD according to your unique body chemistry. It is not about which one is better but it is actually what suits you and depends on your medical condition.
Since the regulatory issues are also a big concern in the CBD domain, there are few companies that offer a clear, potent and homogenous CBD solution.
Make sure the milligrams of CBD matches the amount claimed on the label. Also, check the in-house and third-party lab results for your product as it can be essential for a quality product.

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